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Tamara’s afghan from Susan

Since Tamara mentioned in her posts (and named me as the holder of the picture) the beautiful afghan that Susan made for her, I figured I ought to get the photo posted. So here it is. Susan did an amazing job on it, and Tamara loves it. It’s a little hard to see in the picture, but the afghan is a hexagon shape.
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More May Photos

Tamara’s new camera bag.

Pat’s knitted purse. Thank goodness we don’t discriminate against knitters. Ha! Ha!

Stephanie’s knitted purse, made from recycled fabric, buttons, & handles from another purse. Stephanie has entered her purse into a contest. If you go to under community click on “Challenge Gallery” you will see Steph’s purse. We all wish you alot of luck! I think you have a winner.

Susan’s finished afghan, you all may remember Susan was working on this afghan in the April meeting. Very nice Susan. Susan also made an afghan for me. It is a Grandmother’s Flower Garden afghan and it reminds me of the Grandmother’s Flower garden quilt that my Grandmother made. Thank you so much Susan, I love it! Cori has the pictures in her camera.

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More May Photos

Pat’s beautiful shawl.

Lucy’s hanger cover. Lucy was not going to share anything until I told her I wanted to see anything that she had made. Then she had Pat go out to her car and bring in the great scrubbers that she crochets out of netting. She had a whole bag full of them and has orders through Christmas for the scrubbers. Good luck Lucy with that scratchy material.

Cori and her scarf and capelet that she completedthis month.

Rosina and her baby sweater and hat. They are adorable.

Mary and her preemie bonnets. Mary donates 12 preemie hats to one of the hospitals here in Wichita every month. Since I took over in January I am in charge of the charity functions of the KS My Stitch group, I think I have to step up my actitivities to keep up with Mary. She is truly a very special lady!

Linda and her beautiful pansy afghan she made for her daughter. Linda is our doily queen, she loves to work with thread and she loves Susan Bates hooks! Linda has donated prizes for our drawings that are held every meeting and I just won one of her wonderful doilies at the evening meeting. What a great prize. Thank you Linda!

Sheri found this great bedspread at a yard sale and couldn’t pass it up. She was wanting ideas from us on what to do with it. I think the best one was to take off the extra pieces and use it as a shawl.

More to come next time!
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More May Pictures

Trying something different. I am having trouble saving more than one picture, so here goes one at a time.

Wendy’s Schlep Bag Square from the Trunk Yarn. The reason we call it that is because someone gave me alot of yarn and I put it in my trunk and people just come and shop out of my trunk, hence the trunk yarn.