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Oh, my goodness, if you missed the May meetings, you missed soooo much fun! This month we had different programs at each meeting; see the highlights below.
Also, Cori clued us in on a new British crochet magazine titled, “Inside Crochet;” she found her copy at a local bookstore and loves it. Pam encouraged us to visit for some great online crochet classes. And we had some super Tips-of-the-Month at both meetings!
Tamara took tons of pictures; I’m sure I will not be able to post them all here but I will try to get in as many as I can. Below are just a few highlights of both meetings.
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May 18 Morning Meeting

Susie taught us how to Needle Felt! I think I’m in love!! It is easier to do than I imagined, too. Now to find some of those elusive wool sweaters at the thrift shops…

Susie insists she did not crochet her sweater, but it is too awesome not to show a picture of it:
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Sharon has been one VERY busy lady! She also knitted a beautiful scarf, but I couldn’t fit the picture in.
(She swears she has not been abused, she has a rambunctious new puppy 🙂