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KS My Stitch July Meeting

Hello! It’s me again. Your friendly President of KS My Stitch, Wichita Chapter of the National Crochet Guild of America reporting to you on the July meeting.

We had a such a good time, talking, sharing and listening to a wonderful presentation given to us by the one and only Jackie Clark (MY SISTER). I think everyone learned some things and I for one had a great time. We even got to enjoy Shelly Stilger the owner of Twist the Yarn Shop where we meet every month. Shelly is our hero, she has allowed us to come into her shop on the day that she is closed to hold our morning and evening meetings. She will be in one of the pictures that I will try and post on here today. She is wearing two of my creations, a scarf and hat made out of Bamboo and Nylon (sock yarn). I just love it, it is so soft and was easy to work with. Well here goes, I am going to try and post some pictures again! Wish me luck! Have a great week and I will talk with you again after the very first KS My Stitch retreat on Saturday, August 2. We will have 2 workshops, Tacos by Me, swimming, crocheting, potluck, movie and breakfast on Sunday by Rosina. I can’t wait.

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July meeting coming up!

Join us for our July meeting, where Jackie Clark will help us learn to work with colors. Our theme for the month is patriotic.
Date: Monday, July 21
Times: 10 a.m. to noon OR 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.
Location: Twist Yarn Shop
607 W. Douglas (enter through the back door)

You don’t need any supplies for this month’s meeting, but remember to bring items for show and share, or a project to keep your hands busy if you want.
Remember your secret pal this month!