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September Charity Workshop

Just a few pictures of everyone crocheting hats and pictures of the hats. Thank you to Paula, Susan, Susie, Pam, Kelly, Rosina, Krista, Wendy, Linda G. and Sharon for coming and making hats. All the children will be so excited when they get them. Krista is really photogenic but she gets tired of me taking pictures of her, so she was pointing her finger at me. It was too funny not to put it on here. Wendy just looked too darn cute not to include a few pictures of her in her hat. Thanks again! I think everyone had fun, I know I did!


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September KS My Stitch Meeting

Hi Again!
We started off with old news about the charity afghan donation, design contest and about next months program. We will be learning how to take care of our crocheted items. How to launder and store them presented by our very own Twist Yarn Shop owner Shelly Stilger (our hero). I can’t wait. We love her so much for letting us meet at the yarn shop on the day that she is closed. Our new form of business was me appointing a committee to nominate the officers for the new year. Sheri Shoenebeck (morning) and Krista Wagner (evening) are co-chairing this committee and would welcome volunteers to help them with the nominations. Sheri has a form for everyone to fill out and give back to her. If you couldn’t attend the meeting please email her or Krista at or to get a form. The officers this year are: Tamara Gonzales (President), Rosina Smith (Vice President) and Cori Dodds (Secretary/Treasurer). Rosina and I are willing to run for office next year, but Cori is not able to due to prior committments. Enough business.
Let’s get down to the pictures and the fun things that everyone has been working on and of course thanks to Rosina we learned how to make the potholder stitch, which I forgot to take pictures of everyones things. Some of us made a coaster and others started an actual potholder. Hopefully everyone will bring their finished items to next months meeting. Thank you so much Rosina for all that you do!
Starting with Sheri. She is so photogenic and she is making such a nice vest with the softest yarn ever (baby alpaca).
Linda G. is working on her scarf project.
Pam is making a scarf out of the red flowers for an art project for City Arts where she has started teaching. Good luck Pam. Also I wanted to thank you for donating a portion of your novelty yarn for the door prize, what a nice thing for you to do.
Theresa made the crochet hook organizer that Pam found a link for on the web. Very nice touch of the big button. Love it Theresa.
Mary actually knitted herself socks which is very rare, since she is always making things for other people. You deserve it Mary.
Paula can’t believe the difference in the feel of really good sock yarn that she splurged on from Twist. She might even become a yarn snob just like I have become. She is also finishing up a baby afghan.
Jinna has been very busy. What a great shawl and bag. I love the bowl that you made out of the bulky yarn that you got at the Ya Ya sale. She was a biggest spender. Thanks Jinna.
Linda C. you never cease to amaze me with your talent of going from yarn to thread. The green and white afghan is beautful and your flower squares are too. Thank you for all that you do for the guild from your hostess duties and your door prize donations. I think I can speak for everyone, thank you!

Lesa has been so diligent in finishing her afghan. Way to go Lesa. And what a cute cabled baby vest. I can’t wait to see it when you are finished. It was also a pleasure to meet your beautiful children.

It’s always fun to share the things that I have been working on throughout the month. From the crocheted button necklace, the crochet around edge of socks, crocheting on rick rack and my design for a crocheted iPod case/phone case/camera case. It will be a free pattern for the Yarn Shop Hop in October.
Wendy has been very busy finishing up the granny square afghan that she has been working on since the first of the year to give to a friend that is having a baby the end of this month. I love how she placed the different blocks. Good Job Wendy.
It’s good to have Lee back with us after her long year of trying to recover from her illness. She is crocheting a sweater for herself. Everyone is so glad that you are feeling better and are able to come to the meetings again.
Wait, is that my sister crocheting? Jackie is very lucky to have won the cute little butterfly that Linda G. donated. And what a good job you are doing on your edging around the baby blanket for your little granddaughter due next month. Oh my gosh look what fabric she used for the blanket, it’s none other than her very own fabric line (Sweetest Gifts). Great job Jackie I’m so proud of you for sticking with this project. I know you have wanted to hand it over many times to me and you haven’t. Good job!
Sue is working on a dress/top for her granddaughter.
Please don’t forget to look at the previous blog as I posted the picture of me donating charity afghans to the Wichita Children’s Home Volunteer Coordinator.
Happy Crocheting!
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KS My Stitch Charity Donation

Hello Everyone!

Just me reporting to you about the charity donation. Thanks to alot of hard work from our guild members on making all of those impossible squares for our afghans as a group project and some of the beautiful work made by individual members into adult size and baby afghans, hats and scarves. I (with help from my loving strong husband) was able to go to the Wichita Children’s Home and take a very large suitcase and another medium size suitcase full of these lovely things to drop off to a wonderful lady by the name of Beth Thummel (Volunteer Coordinator for the Children’s Home). She was kind enough to let my husband take a picture of the long awaited event. Thank you to all of the volunteers that helped make this happen! I love you all!

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Ya Ya Sale

Hello Crochet People!
Here are some pictures of the sale that we had on Saturday. These are some of the things that you missed out on: Lots of yarn and hand made items. The day before the sale our town received around 10 inches of rain in some areas. The day was nice and cool and overcast for the most of the day. We didn’t have many people come but overall we had a wonderful day visiting, crocheting and eating. I had a good time and thank you to all that attended and helped out by bringing their yarn and crocheted items.

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September Meeting

Hello everyone,

I just wanted to make sure everyone knows what we have planned for our September meeting. We meet a little early this month!


Please join us for our September meeting, where we will learn Helena’s Potholder Stitch and make coasters.
Date: Monday, Sept. 15
Time: 10 a.m. to noon OR 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.
Location: Twist Yarn Shop, 607 W. Douglas (enter through the back door)

Bring with you: some absorbent, worsted weight cotton (like kitchen cotton) and an appropriate size hook.

Other reminders:
The Ya-Ya sale is this Saturday (Sept. 13)! Get your extra stuff together, yarn, hooks, unused craft items, completed objects that are not what you want or that you just don’t need anymore, and get them over to Rosina’s for a sale! You keep 80% of the sale price of anything that sells and the guild gets the other 20%.
Don’t forget your secret pal!