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February Stars of the Month!

Amanda Alessi. Amanda’s nick name is Mandi, but only her family calls her that. She was taught to chain crochet when she was young by her grandmother and learned a few years ago viewing YouTube. Currently Amanda is working on her first Afghan for a wedding gift in May. She has been a member of the guild for a year. Her husband came to Twist to buy her a gift certificate and met our Tamara, who told him about the guild. Amanda keeps coming back to the evening meetings for a girls night out. Her favorite memory of the guild was the Christmas Party last year. She has a sense of pride and accomplishment in everything she makes.

Name: Susie Kilgroe
Susie does not have a nick name, but her real name is Tamara. She learned to double crochet when she was younger, but took a class later in life to learn more. She was referred to the guild by someone at the Extension Office where she took the class. Susie has been a member of the guild for 3 years.
Susie is currently working on a funky scarf and will soon start crocheting an alpaca baby blanket for her grandson. She has a sense of pride in anything she finishes and is preparing to teach a crochet class.
Susie loves learning new things and seeing everyone at the meetings and her favorite guild memory would be a toss up between the Christmas White Elephant gift exchange, or the retreat she went on.

Name: Donna Dyer.
Donna’s nick name is “chicwithyarn“. She is an Instructional Coach at USD 259. Donna crochets and knits. She has been a guild member for 3 years. Donna has a sense of accomplishment and pride in everything she completes. She normally attends the evening meetings, unless school is out, and then she’s a morning gal!
She worked feverishly making scarves for the charity event last year, despite a few broken ribs! Donna enjoys the friendships she has made in the guild and also enjoys the Christmas parties.
Confession of a guild secretary: Dearest Donna- I have to get some details from you as I have deleted the scanned copy that JoAn emailed me with your interview notes!

Name: JoAn Holms

Attends morning and afternoon meetings. JoAn is retired from Department of Family Services in Montana, she loves to garden, sew and watch basketball. JoAn doesn’t have a nickname.
She learned to crochet in high school and college from her mother, then just picked it back up about 5 years ago. She enjoys a variety of projects. Her goal is to crochet a lacey shawl. JoAn has been a member of the guild for 2 years. She heard about the guild from Sue Wilkey, who invited her.
She is proud of the 9 baby afghans she crocheted for the 9 new babies in her family, all last year!
Her favorite memory about the guild is the fantastic group of ladies that are welcoming and make new comers feel comfortable right away!
The thing that keeps her coming back to the guild is show ‘n tell, new ideas and meeting people who crochet.