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Some information to share

Hi KS My Stitch members,

I just ran across this blog (through a link on another I read) that is searching for squares to make afghans for the victims of the Sand Diego wildfires. The requirements they are seeking for are just a little different than those we are using for our charity afghans: they would like squares that are 8 inches square, and preferably made of acrylic so they are washable and dryable. More detailed information is available on the blog link above.

With more than 1,500 families who have lost their homes, there will surely be plenty of need for these blankets.

If any of you are interested in making squares for this project, please leave a comment here on the blog. I would be willing to take any squares that we can collect at the November meeting for this project and mail them to California. I intend to make several over the next couple of weeks myself.

Finally, for any of you who may need a refresher (or introduction) to granny squares, here is a basic granny pattern. The great thing about grannies is that you can just go until they are the right size. And they are a great way to work through scraps and stash.

See you all in a few weeks!

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October meeting business update

Hi everyone, I thought I would post a brief synopsis of what occurred at our meetings this month. Tamara took good notes and shared them with me so I could share them here. Tamara has agreed to head the nominating committee for the slate of officers for the upcoming year, and joining her on the committee will be Lena Herrmann from the morning group and Cori Dodds from the evening group. Tamara is also providing information about the group to The Wichita Eagle for the handicraft calendar.

And here is the plan for the November meeting: Lee Webster will be teaching us Crochet on the Double, so if you have a double-ended hook, please bring it and two colors of cotton yarn (something like Sugar and Cream or Peaches and Cream). Paula will be bringing some extra hooks if anyone needs one. We will learn how to do the crochet and (we hope) take home a completed dishcloth. I will post another reminder as the date gets closer.

Finally, please remember that the blog is here for everyone to benefit from, so if you have not been invited to be a contributor and would like to be, please send me your e-mail address. You do not have to be a contributor to post comments to blog entries. We hope that all of you will find this a useful tool!

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Look what we’ve done!

Here is a shot of the granny squares that we have made so far for our charity afghans. Don’t they look great? Keep those squares coming ladies and gents and we’ll have some marvelous afghans to bless the lives of women who have faced great difficulties. And just think how much faster these squares work up than the 12-inch squares we were making. I’ll bet we can all make at least two of these in the time we could make one of the others. And if I count the time spent deciphering those crazy pattern directions, I’ll bet I can make at least two more! What do you all think? Let’s see how long it will take us to double the size of the stack…