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KS My Stitch Members Teach a Few Girl Scouts to Crochet

Look what some of the members did in their spare time. They went to Twist one of our LYS’s and helped Shelly teach some Girl Scouts to crochet. I know this makes my heart proud when I see young people learning a craft that I love to do and I learned about the same age as some of these girls are. It brings back good memories and hopefully Jinna, Kelly, Sharon,and Susie left some good memories with the girls that they helped teach. Thank you to all that helped Shelly with the Girl Scouts, I’m proud of all of you and this makes me smile!!!! Here’s Sharon.

Here’s Kelly.

Here’s Jinna and I’m sure Shelly was glad you were there to help the left handers.

and Here’s Susie.

I think we’ve hooked some more crocheters. What do you think?

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March Program

This month we are learning to crochet with beads. I am excited about this program, you can never have enough bling! Can’t wait to see what colors and beads everyone chooses.

Pam learned from experience in making the samples that black yarn or thread and beads are hard to work with. Pick light colors for the program.

You will need: Size 3 cotton or sport weight cotton, 125 pre-strung beads (size 8,6, E or for crochet thread, size 3 beads) appropriate size for your yarn and a size E hook (or appropriate for your yarn).

Hostesses are: Tamara Gonzales and Donna Dyer, you can also bring a treat or snack to share if you would like.

See you on March 15 at Twist.

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February meeting photos

Thanks to everyone for the fun in February!

The crocheted sock pattern (miniaturized by Pam) gave
everyone a chance to see how they fair at
making socks.

Some of were more successful than others, some even finished
their tiny sock!

Show -n – share.

New members.

Tamara made some
darling baby sweaters,
you should look at Twist’s window
in March to see more of them!

Prayer shawls and Christmas gifts in the

Pam showed us some lovely yarn
that Shelly is carrying.

Sue found a new way to
enjoy an afghan made by her
mother. She knitted the
sleeves and is giving it to her

Shawna shared some exciting mittens, Pam
is after her for to show us the technique.

Donna worked on a cable scarf.

I love the colors!

Dainty doilies!

Everyone was busy!

March is crochet month, and Shelly has
allowed us to decorate the windows, we
finished the display on Sunday, so check them out!