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Election of Officers ~ 2016

The Election of Officers is scheduled for November. The positions of President, Education Coordinator (new name for Vice President) and Secretary are open and nominees were announced. The position of Treasurer is being held by Lesa Wischmeyer,  and Charity Coordinator is being held by Kaye Gruver. (Thank you very much to these two women for their willingness to serve again!) Nominations were accepted from the floor.

Those that will appear on the ballot at the November meeting are:

President: Sandy Altendorf, Sherry Belshe, Jan Fager,  & Kim Engels

Education Coordinator: Sandy Altendorf, Kim Engels & Pam Everhart

Secretary: Sandy Altendorf, Jan Fager, & Kim Engels

We are eliminating the position of Hospitality Coordinator, as the general consensus is that snacks at the monthly meetings are not necessary and are no longer going to be organized. If you feel the desire to bring a simple snack to share, please do so, but it is not necessary.

Be prepared to vote at the November meetings. Susie Kilgroe will be handling the election process.

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Board Meeting

Please be aware that the Board Meeting is ~ Monday October 12th, 5pm at Kaye Gruver’s home. Some topics…

  1. Up-coming election of officers
  2. Christmas Party plans
  3. Meeting Location
  4. Charity projects

All Board Members and Committee Members are requested to be present!