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May Reminder

Hi, Ladies,
Just a reminder that our KS My Stitch Crochet Guild will meet on Monday, May 16th at Twist from 10:00 a.m. til Noon and again that evening from 6:30 p.m. til 6:30 p.m. Enter thru the back door.
Please park in the back and consider other businesses that are open on Mondays. Additional parking is available at Lawrence Dumont.
Our program this month will be taught by Cori Dodds, she will give instruction and tips on blocking your projects. Bring something you wish to work on during the meeting.
We appreciate your gifts for the door prizes, please feel free to bring something to donate.
Reminder for your secret sister gifts, these do not have to be expensive or even hand made gifts.
Our hospitality crew for this meeting is:
AM: Tamara Gonzales
PM: Susan Emerson and Paula Raymon
We thank you all in advance for your efforts!
Don’t forget, Show – n – Share!

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Stars of the Month for March 2011

Audrey regularly attends the morning meetings for the guild. She is a retired Wichita school teacher. Some of her hobbies other than crochet include gardening (mostly flowers), reading, and watching TV.
She says her nickname is Audie, because her cousin couldn’t say Audrey. She learned to crochet 9 years ago when her neighbor taught her the basic stitches. She enjoys making bookmarks, flowers and circles, and appliques for a quilt that has some faded spaces. She is in her second year of membership in KS My Stitch and joined us when she saw an article in the newspaper. One project she recently completed that gives her a sense of pride is an afghan she made. One favorite thing she remembers about guild is that one metting she dropped her cell phone and someone turned it in. She keeps coming to guild because she is interested in new projects and is inspired by seeing others’ projects.

Cheryl also regularly attends the morning guild meetings. She is a receptionist at Walmart and takes calls and works the fitting rooms at the store on North Rock Road. Her nickname is Chatter, and she says she got it from CB radio. She has been crocheting since she was 12 but really got back into it about five years ago. She has been a member of KS My Stitch for between two and three years and learned about the guild at Twist. A project that she recently completed that gives her a sense of pride is a lot of hats and scarves she made for a homeless camp in New Jersey for Christmas.  One of her favorite things about the guild is her friends sharing their projects. She keeps coming to guild because of friendships and new projects.

Kaye normally attends the morning meetings, but this month she came to the evening meeting too! She is retired and likes to spend her extra time crocheting. Her nickname is Kaye Baby. She has been crocheting since she was nine years old and her grandmother taught her how. She is really enjoying making crochet butterflies like Linda’s and took one apart to figure out how to make them! She also enjoys making shawls. She’s been a member for a few years now, but doesn’t remember how she first heard about the guild. She says any project that gets finished gives her a sense of pride. Her favorite thing about guild is the people and she really loves everything about guild. And it’s the people and ideas that keep her coming back, She loves learning new things.

Susan regularly attends the evening meetings because she is a senior administrative assistant in the physics department at Wichita State University and she says she loves her job. 
She doesn’t have a nickname, but is on Ravelry as stuckonsticks. She has been crocheting since she was about 16. She had really bad eyes and crocheted mainly by feel until she had lasic surgery to correct her eyesight. She went from 20/875 to 20/30! (I think she loves that she can see her beautiful work now!–Cori) She is making afghans, which are her favorite, and also working on shawls for her nieces and some friends for Christmas. She has been a member of the guild for about six or seven years and learned about it from her mother. One project she completed that gives her a sense of pride is a filet crochet banner of a dragon (and it really is beautiful!). It won first place at the State Fair. Susan says she loves everything about the guild especially the people because she finds it hard to make friends. And it’s also the people who keep her coming back, that and learning new things about crochet.