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Bargello stitch (Sampler #2)

Thanks to Susan Emerson, we have more understandable instructions for that crazy square #2 in the CYCA sampler afghan pattern. Now, at the morning meeting in June, several of us tried our hands at it, and still found it a little difficult to understand, but we just kept trying. I brought home a sample of the square, and with that and Susan’s instructions, I managed to figure it out. Hooray!

I don’t know if this helps, but one thing I discovered was that every other row is a single layer, and the next row is a double layer. I took a few pictures of the square I was making as I went along, and tried to show what it looked like as it was working up. They are below.

This is just a picture of the piece, and how far along I was. It takes about 6-8 rows of crochet before you can even begin to see the pattern emerge, and that is one of the things that made it difficult for me. Once that pattern began to be visible, it was much easier to work along and know what to do on the next row.
This next picture is a of a row in which I was creating the second layer on the row, and crocheting into the two rows below (the white row is being pushed to the rear while I crochet into the spaces in the white row, stitching into blue (front) and red (rear-unseen)).This is a close-up of what I tried to describe above, with the white pushed back, and the hook going through the row of blue and red, creating a second row parallel to the white row.I hope these pictures can help some of you understand this stitch a little better. I do have a few more pictures, but I think these show the process pretty well. Please feel free to share your own experiences with this stitch!

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Welcome to the new blog for the Wichita, Kansas, chapter of the Crochet Guild, KS My Stitch. This is where we can post information to share with the group (like the single crochet issue for the charity afghans we discussed this morning) and/or pictures or anything else between meetings.

Hope you all enjoy what you see here!