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February Charity Activities

Rosina started out with contacting the CGOA Message board for donations of hooks and what a great response she had. Hooks came flying to her from all over the country and some yarn too. I contacted the Wichita Childrens Home last year to see if there was any interest in us coming and teaching the children to crochet. The counselor reassured me that there was. We set aside this month to start and we had a great response. Wendy, Sharon, Kelly, Cheryl, Pam and I went to the Wichita Childrens Home to teach 11 young ladies to crochet. Rosina was unable to make it because she was too ill. I hope you are feeling better Rosina. The guild provided each young lady a package with a ball of cotton yarn, hook, and instructions on all the basic stitches. We only had about an hour with them. Some of them were very reluctant to start, but went ahead and tried. I could see the lightbulbs going off all across the room when one would get it. There were 2 of them that had crocheted before and caught on really fast. I can not tell you how rewarding it was for me to see their faces and how they were surprised that they actually got to keep the hooks and yarn. We will be going back next month and doing the same thing again. Hopefully we will get to see some of the same young ladies and help them along to the next steps. Some of them won’t be there and we will see new faces. I also talked to their counselers to see if any of the boys would like to learn, so I will call them in a few weeks to see if there is any interest and hopefully we will be teaching some of the boys too. Thank you to all for helping us make this happen.



KS My Stitch in Wichita, Kansas, is the local chapter of Crochet Guild of America. Our meetings are held the third Monday of each month, at 10:00 a.m. and 6:30 p.m. Guests are welcome!

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