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KS My Stitch First Annual Retreat

Hello Again! I just would like to report on the KS My Stitch First Annual Retreat. Oh my gosh we had a great time. Sheri was so kind to let us come and invade her beautiful home and do nothing but eat, crochet, visit, laugh, swim and sleep. I didn’t want it to end. Hopefully we can get together and do it again some day! Rosina was having some problems with me taking pictures of her so I got the best shot of her as you will see in the pictures.

The first thing on the agenda was crochet and beaded clutch. Pam was sweet enough to instruct all of us on how to put this together. There were a couple of the attendees that completed this project. Lesa completed her black clutch before she left and Linda finished hers later. I am going to include the picture of Linda’s as I was not with it enough to take a picture of Lesa’s before she left. Thank you Pam for teaching us the technique of beading and crochet. While everyone continued with their bags I fried up the tacos and prepared the feast of homemade salsa, rice and beans. Everyone enjoyed the meal.

After we ate some of us wanted to continue the bag so we did that until around 2:00 or so, then Rosina started teaching the second workshop of making an intarsia heart. Crocheting with two colors of yarn and making a heart design with it. Guess who got their hearts done? Of course Lesa and Linda. We had a great time learning the intarsia method. Thank you Rosina for your lesson!

Then it was time for a swim, what a refreshing time. We did some syncronized swimming and lounging in the neighborhood pool. It was great! I love the water. If I could crochet in the water that would be where I would like to spend my summer is in the water crocheting!

Of course the next thing on the agenda was to eat dinner. Rosina had organized a pot luck dinner which included ceasar salad, pasta salad, meatballs, brownie taramisu, mandarin orange cake, appetizer of bread with pesto, chips and dip. The food was great and the company even better. Thank you to everyone for such a great meal.

Then it was movie time. Sheri finally gave up the remote to Wendy (the young person in the group that can work a remote) and we all watched Silk. This is not a movie that I would recommend to anyone to watch, but it wasn’t the movie that counted as much as the commentary from the KS My Stitch members that was just unforgettable. Some of the members left to go home and the die hard members of Rosina, Tamara and Wendy stayed the night. We adjourned to our corners of the house around 11:30 pm and had a great nights sleep.

We all woke up about 6:30 and continued to visit, have coffee and crochet while Rosina prepared breakfast. We ate around 10:00. What a great breakfast Rosina prepared. We had a wonderful egg and sausage casserole, breakfast dessert, and big bowl of mixed fruit. I think I ate enough this weekend to last me the rest of the month. We gave back Sheri her home around 11:45 am. Thank you again Sheri for the use of your lovely home. What a great time we had!!!!!!!!!!!!!


KS My Stitch in Wichita, Kansas, is the local chapter of Crochet Guild of America. Our meetings are held the third Monday of each month, at 10:00 a.m. and 6:30 p.m. Guests are welcome!

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